3 tips to recognize southern French accent

In France, there are many accents that, in fact, come from the old languages or dialects of France. Before the Second World War, there were still areas where people spoke French only at school. It is not surprising that there…


5 reasons to learn French with a coach

If traditional learning methods in a classroom or with a teacher are practical for learning the basics, they have their limits. It's hard to be comfortable when in real situation. That's why calling on a French coach can be a…


Little dictation, from Le Petit Prince

Here is a small dictation in French to test your oral comprehension and your written expression. This is an excerpt from the book Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Note Translated into over 350 languages, Le Petit Prince is…


Candlemas, French Pancake Day

French Pancake Day, the whole history Where does Candlemas come from ? On  February 2,  we celebrate Candlemas and traditionally eat crepes. The date of February 2nd corresponds to 40 days after Christmas, the date of Christ's presentation to the…


Happy new year !

Each country has its own tradition to celebrate the good year. In France, it is customary to take twelve good resolutions at the 12 strokes of midnight. So what are your good resolutions for this new year? What will be…


Mediterranean food for a French picnic

Le coucher de soleil sur la mer était magnifique : on bénéficiait de soir là d'une  vue si dégagée que l'on pouvait apercevoir le pic du Canigou,  le haut sommet oriental de la chaîne des Pyrénées qui borde la France…


Authentic homestay in Montpellier

Aïe[7] ! Déjà 19h20 quand elle raccrocha. pas étonnant qu'elles ne s'appelassent[8] pas souvent :elles étaient aussi pipelettes[9] l'une que l'autre et leur temps libre n'était pas extensible. Lise passa un coup de brosse sur ses cheveux tout en envoyant…

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