French Language Coach : a concept “Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.” (Myles Downey, Effective Coaching 2003)

A statement : 

For years as a host family, I noticed the frustration of some students when I sometimes didn’t understand them.

A wish : 

That they are completely satisfied with their French immersion program in France… but how?

A solution :

=> Become a French language coach and create tailor-made individual courses

=>  help adults or young people not only improve their French but progress quickly in selected areas: oral comprehension and oral expression (focus on pronunciation), written expression, written comprehension and in defined terms : to be a tourist in France, to find a job in France, to prepare for an examination…

How ?

=> Through  personalized French immersion programs.

Immersive homestays  matching  all your needs and wishes.

Personalized program for you in terms of activities and courses so as to meet your  expectations and help you in understanding French.

Results :
=> rapid progress in learning French during your French immersion program
=> discovery of reusable learning methods at home

Development  :

I then developed my coaching in one-to-one lessons at home without stays and also online lessons for all those who want to improve their French from home or whether they are in the world.

For professionals,  I will be able to help you communicate in French for your professional or private needs during your expatriation in France. For more information, please click here.

A quote as a reason of being :

“Don’t let anyone come to you without leaving happier.” Mother Teresa

Your satisfaction is my joy !

who am i ?

Anne-Elisabeth Chéron, french language coach

My background : 

  • 20 years of experience as a host family through intercultural encounters and the desire to share the heritage and gastronomy of our region ;

  • Graduate teacher  for teaching French as foreign language with the Alliance française.

My experience : 

  • Individual courses in Montpellier according to specific objectives: job search, correct pronunciation ;
  • Integration course for expatriates ;
  • Professional French online courses
  • Tailor-made french online courses

My assets :

  • Passionate about the french language ;
  • Design of your tailor-made programs (business-oriented, gastronomy, oenology, local tourism …);
  • Personal development and nutrition skills for implementation of thematic courses ;
  • A “coach” approach related to my host family experience
  • A fun learning, friendly, friendly and therefore effective !
  • A pronunciation and a neutral accent: to note, like many French regions, our region has a particular accent similar to “singing”: I will make you discover it !


Anne-Elisabeth Chéron
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