Is a French language program still possible ?

Should you still chose a  French immersion program ?  you have dreamt for so long for a language stay in France ! And now because of an evil virus, you wonder if you can still plan it.

Have you considered staying for a few days with a French family ?
This is a quick and easy way to improve your French and get acquainted with the French culture. You can find a host family but also true French immersion program at teacher’s home. You will definitely enjoy it. And above all, unlike language centers, you will not meet many people from all over the world.
That is much safer those days. So, as soon as planes take off again and can land on the French tarmac, jump on the plane !

So here is some tips  on how to make your French immersion homestay a success.

1- Research and prepare in advance

You must have already researched well in advanced to find the right French immersion homestay for you. Make sure you also make the right preparation before you leave in order to avoid bad surprises. For example, will you have access to your accommodation as soon as you reach the city? Will someone come and pick you up at the airport? Or if you are doing everything on your own, do you know about the public transit system in the city you are going to do your French immersion homestay? Make sure you plan ahead and know how to reach from point A to point B, where you are going to stay and whom you need to contact.

Pack light and travel easy

You are going to embark on an amazing and unforgettable linguistic journey! You are going to immerse yourself into one of the most beautiful languages around the world. So make your travels easy by carrying a light luggage. Also, on your way back home you will have a heavier luggage, thanks to all the souvenirs and gifts you will be buying!

By the way, don’t forget to pack a French phrase book and a dictionary to help you navigate in the airports and other public hotspots.

Always talk in French

As soon as you land at the airport, make sure you speak in French. If you don’t speak French at all, then it is ok to speak English or another language to find your way through.

But if you speak even a little French, make sure you practice it. After all you are here on a French immersion journey. The French phrase book and a dictionary will come in handy. Also, remember to speak in French only with the host family during your French immersion homestay


Don’t miss the instructional time

Yes, yes, you want to visit the monuments, the beautiful city center, take pictures, and go shopping and party. But if your French immersion host is providing you some instructional time in French grammar or vocabulary, make sure you attend it! Don’t miss it even if you are taking classes back home. And, whatever new concepts or rules you learn, you will be able to practice it immediately during your French immersion homestay.

Spend time with your host family

Again, it is normal you want to hang out, visit places and do things because you are in France for a short period. Make time either in the evenings for dinner or in the morning for breakfast to sit down with your host family. Talking to them and getting to know them better will improve your French. They may also bring you to French typical restaurants.After all you are there for a French immersion homestay!


Be considerate of local customs and traditions

Last but not the least, make sure you have some basic cultural sensitivity before landing in France. This advice is valid if you are going to any country around the world. Be a considerate traveler by respecting the local customs and also by not judging the locals value systems because your culture or norms are no better than theirs. Unknowingly offending your French immersion homestay host family can lead to some ugly surprises. So developing a sound cultural awareness will help you make new friends and provide ample opportunities to improve your French in France. Thus, making your French immersion homestay a success.

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