You  will learn French to be able to communicate clearly and easily in the aspects of daily life.
 We will use an interactive learning method :

  • Interactive e-manual
  • Videos
  • Exercises 
  • Images
  • Sounds
  • Boardgames 

The ressources will be chosen according to your interest and your learning methods and adapted to your needs.

How does it work ?

1)  We discuss about your needs and objectives and how I can help you achieve them.

I will send you an email with different learning packs and prices to choose from. 

2) I offer  a trial lesson and assess your level.

We connect on a video communications application that I sent (open source jitsi in preference.)

3) After inscription we will plan the training schedule together.

4) What happens during the lesson ?

We have a lesson with the e-manual and if necessary other ressources : the course will be interactive.
I build your vocabulary and fix your pronunciation.

In genuine communication, skills are seldom employed in isolation, and an integrated-skills approach simulates what happens in real life.
Therefore,  I  will then explain grammar to you simply and easy for you to understand.
My teaching is based on the communicative approach . You will  learn grammar by developing your linguistic competence.

15 mn  offered to discuss on your coaching project :





Personalized lessons adapted to your  needs and French level.

  • Daily life coaching
  • Self-confidence in general (Use of coaching tools explained in French)
  • Self-confidence focused on French speaking.
  • Specific tips and coaching according to your wishes ( pronunciation,
    oral or written communication) …

An efficient learning method using neuroscience knowledge will be proposed to you for long-lasting memorisation.


Learning French with your family is fun.

  • Only one computer is necessary per family
    Competitive price for a family
  • Personalized lessons for the family
  • A fun team building activity to do with your family
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Faster progression  compared to a group class
  • Grammar content will always be the same for all the family but the layout may be different between adults, teenagers or children.
  • Everyone will speak and will always be free to ask for an explanation.
Price depending on the number of people and hours


Learning French with our friends is fun.

  • Invite your friends to attend personalized courses just for you
  • Competitive price for the group
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Faster progression  compared to a standard group class
  • Role plays
  • Balanced speaking.

Also French conversation groups available

*Price per person depending on the size of the group

45  min  :


45 €

45  min :


50 €

Price per person *


20 €