Language coaching

1-What is language coaching ?

In language coaching, we find the functions of a coach, of accompaniment applied to his field of action which is the learning of the French language by a non-French speaking client.

I am a language coach and therefore more precisely a French language coach; my objective is therefore to accompany you punctually to target learning points:
– within the framework of an oral presentation in French,
– for a job interview,
– for speaking with your francophone colleagues
– for facilitating  your communication in your life as an expatriate in France.

In Montpellier, there are indeed many people working in institutes and research organizations.
Unlike a private teacher of French, I will have a global approach for a targeted result.
Thus I will integrate the range of tools used by the personal development coach in order to develop your communication potential in French.

2- My method

First of all, I am taking a few moments to understand your French language learning objectives. I make you speak, read and write in French in order to see your level in each area and to establish a diagnosis.

I pay particular attention to your pronunciation: if it does not hinder comprehension, it may not be necessary to improve it.

On the other hand, if your interlocutor might not understand you or if your strong accent might lead to a decrease in attention and listening skills when presenting to a group, I focus on phonetic points.   

I suggest remedial measures to improve your pronunciation, which no application can do.
But above all, as a language coach, I make a formative evaluation of your skills and therefore I keep coming back to my tools to readapt them to your needs identified at our first meeting.
It is a coaching process centered on you, the learner, to allow you to be the actor of your learning.

My responsibility is to help you progress in French. I don’t impose a method but I will focus on those that best suit you so that you can learn to your full potential.

For example, to improve your communication in a foreign language, it may be necessary to increase your self-confidence and work on your relationships with others.
It is impossible to be good in a foreign language if you are not a good communicator or a person at ease in relationships with others.

On the other hand, to increase your capacity to learn and memorize, I will look for methods that suit you. A language coach will quickly have to see which of the different intelligences you are best endowed with among the different intelligences that we are all more or less well endowed with.

Based on the theory of multiple intelligences developed by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983, I will, with you, discover the one that corresponds to you and thus propose the best learning method for you.

Thus, to a person with a developed visual intelligence, I propose written and coloured supports and allow you to write down everything you want. However, I do not neglect oral comprehension either in a dialogue with you or with an audio or video support. I can propose you to make a mental map which will allow you to develop your creativity to synthetically transcribe what you have understood.

If you have a kinesthetic intelligence, I will use activities that require physical reactions because you learn better with a movement, so I will integrate muscular movements into the learning process, in particular by integrating mime and role-playing.

If you have a developed spatial intelligence, you are comfortable with activities involving flow charts and graphs. The use of multimedia is relevant for you as well as the mental map to facilitate your learning of French.

If it is interpersonal, intrapersonal or naturalist intelligence that you feel most comfortable with, again I will suggest tools to help you learn French more easily.

Thus, for each profile, its own method.
But of course, as we do not have an exclusive intelligence, it is advisable to sometimes mix methods.


In short

The important thing to remember is that, as a language coach, I will help you discover the methods of learning French that suit you and thus strengthen your self-confidence. It is only by being aware of your strengths and weaknesses related to your blockages or barriers that you will make incredible progress in French. Just like a sports coach who helps you achieve unexpected performances by breaking down obstacles, I will use my skills to help you overcome your obstacles.

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