R. USA - April 2019

I so much appreciate the positive teaching you gave me. The trips helped me to use my French and understand life in France.You adapted the program to my needs and provided excellent material for our discussions which I truly enjoyed.I will miss our conversations and the entire experience that made me want to live in France and become a perfect French speaker. Your family and husband were also a pleasure and I enjoyed and learned quite a bit from speaking with Michel. You made me feel as if I were a part of your family and I will very much miss you and Michel and hope to see you in the future. We had many interesting and wonderful discussions I will never forget + I will master the subjunctive. Best always.

L. and her family- USA - March 2019

L. : I can’t express how much I appreciate all your efforts on our behalf ! Thank you for constantly adapting the program to fit the level / needs of my children while truly helping me to learn and prepare for our move to Paris. My ear is better trained, my confidence for speaking is improving and I’ve learned lots of important tidbits about life in France. The region around Montpellier is absolutely stunning, and will definitely return to impress you with our French ! Off to eat our last delicious lunch with you !

C. : Thank you so much for teaching us some French, and guiding us around Montpellier ! C’est très beau ! Your family and cooking was amazing, and the weather gorgeous ! Merci beaucoup !

V. : Thank you so much for taking us around Montpellier and teaching us French ! I loved Montpellier and the weather was amazing. I will miss this place very much.

M. - USA - December 2018

Thank you for welcoming me into your home and you family. I love Montpellier and the region. The places you chose to take me were all beautiful and very interesting. Thank you for clarifying so mnay points about vocabulary and usage. I will defintely come back to Montpellier. Amicalement.

S. - USA - November 2018

Dear Anne-Elisabeth, You are a very good teacher. You know how to teach well, because I think, you listen well. You knew my problems and you tried to kill themduring 7 days. Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks! The difference between my French when arriving and the end of my stay is tremendous.You gave to me more than I expected. With you, I always found a friend.

A. - USA - september 2018

Anne-Elisabeth, thank you very much for opening the doors of your house and welcoming me. I felt at home. It was an enriching experience that I will keep for a long time. Thanks also for the courses and corrections, especially “just”:). Thanks to Séraphine, Matthieu, Pierre-Antoine and Michel for the friendly conversations. Anyway, it was a very good week.

L. - England - September 2018

Thank you very much Anne-Elisabeth and your family for your hospitality, all the varied meals, activities, the driver-guide and your patience. You adapted the classes for me. I liked learning songs and the play. I’m going to miss the little sea baths. If you want to come to London, we would like to give you a welcome here. Friendly.

A. - Russia - july 2018

I am incredibly thankful to you, Anne-Elisabeth and to all the members of your lovely family for the time which we spent together. I feel that I really fulfilled my 2 main goals : progressing with the language and getting to know the culture in its real authenticity and in addition to it, I got so many nice memories and unique experiences. It will always stay in my memory and my heart. Very pleased to meet you and hope to see you again before long. Merci mille fois !

L. & K. - USA - july 2018

Thanks a lot for a great week !! We apppreciated our lessons and all activites ans outings and meals with you kind family. We hope to see you soon in the Czech Republic or in the USA !

N. - june 2018

I came to France with the wish to work there. With Anne-Elisabeth, I improved my French and made lots of progress. Anne-Elisabeht works with professionnalism and generosity. I felt well integrated with her. Je te remercie énormément Anne-Elisabeth ! I stay with my best memories and with the hope that we will meet again some other time.

B. - june 2018

A big thank you for all your patience over the past year. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and having you as my coach. I have learned a lot and it will be very useful in my day to day life here in Montpellier. All the best to you.

H. - Germany - march 2018

Thank you very much for my stay in Montpellier. Courses have much helped me for my French lessons, the excursions were fantastic.

M. - Poland - july 2017

I spent two weeks at your home and that was an incredible stay. I have discovered French culture and I will remember these holidays with a big smile. Thank you so much.

A. - Taiwan - december 2016

Thanks for all during my stay in Montpellier. I am very happy to have met you and I spent an incredible good time with you.

C. - Italy - august 2016

I cannot forget my stay at Chéron's family. Thanks to them, I learnt about French culture. Thank you for your patience and take care !

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