How does a course at “French Language Coach” work?

1- Tailor-made courses

Carole et Max have come to improve their French.
They study at French language coach in Montpellier to benefit from personalized courses : Anne-Elisabeth , their teacher identifies the grammatical points and the vocabulary that have to be explained.
Compared to a group course, there is no time wasted with unnecessary explanations.

2 -Pleasure

During the lessons, we work a lot. We often use a French method but the teacher does not hesitate to make parentheses to add another point, explain expressions and he also removes notions already seen.
For each new grammatical point, we do exercises and role-playing. We often have a lot of fun.”

Tailor-made and fun: the ingredients of a good apprenticeship

“No learning without fun” could be Anne-Elisabeth’s motto.
She tries never to see her pupils get tired, drop out and lose the desire to learn.
She defines herself more as a language coach than as a teacher because there is always an interaction between the client and the coach: you define your objectives and Anne-Elisabeth gives you the means to achieve them…


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