Did you know this ?

Return back to school is  a French phenomenon.  

The French word « la rentrée » has no English equivalent as far as vocabulary or meaning is concerned.


La rentrée scolaire : « start of the school year » or « return back to school »

  • For the French, this means a lot ! It means rushing around for school shopping , organization and verify the school schedule to set up extracurricular activities.

In addition to the children’s return to school,  parents also return to work…

In France after the relaxing feeling of the  summer holidays and keeping the kids busy with summer activities, it is time to restart the routine.

Moreover it is the moment when all sport and activities wil restart : in most cities, there is  « la journée des associations »  which means association day : it is like a big fair where everybody can choose their sport and cultural activities for the year until mid  of June or July  depending on the region.

In France  civil years concern administration but social life is organised around school years.

For example in France there is the new litterary releases  with many literrary awards. This is typical French !  (You can find this typically in the French culture ) It is called « la rentrée littéraire ».

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