Jacques COEUR, historical figure of Montpellier


An historical person, Jacques Cœur opens his heart (cœur in French ! )

Jacques Coeur (about 1400-1456)… Montpellier remembers this businessman from the beginning of the Renaissance with a Romanesque life: he was the first French merchant to negotiate with the countries of the Levant (countries bordering the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea: Lebanon and Syria in the first place and amassed a considerable fortune. He then became King Charles VII’s silversmith. But the latter lost confidence in him following accusations of jealous enemies of his fortune. He fell into disgrace and was accused of imaginary and tortured crimes. He escaped a death sentence and managed to escape and find protection with Pope Nicholas V.
From Jacques Cœur, Montpellier can remember. As a benefactor of the city, he was to settle there and as a shipowner in Montpellier, to maintain the maritime routes at the same time and contribute to the city’s development.
Discover the history of Jacques Coeur at the Fabre Museum, one of the most important museums of the Province in France, in a sound and lights of 10 minutes.


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