5 ways to communicate better in French during your holidays in France

1- Learn basic phrases

You’ll have a much richer experience if you know  some basic French phrases before you board the plane. Learn a few chosen sentences from a phrasebook  that you will bring in your luggage. They often give you some useful easy phrases with the  pronunciation ( based for example on English pronunciation or on the pronunciation of your mother language if the book is written in that language)

If you choose to learn some phrases to introduce yourself, ask some questions and answer to a few ones, you will then be able to communicate during your holidays in France.
Hereunder are a few examples.

Colloquial or familiar French

How to say hello ?               

Bonjour !
Coucou !
Salut !
Tu vas bien ? / Ça va ?
– Bien,merci/ Pas mal/ Super! Et toi ?

How to introduce oneself ? 

Quel est ton nom ?
– Je m’appelle…
-Mon nom est…
-Mon prénom est …

standard French

How to say hello ?                

Comment allez-vous ?
– Ça va bien, merci.
– Bien ! Et vous ?

How to introduce oneself ?

Quel est votre nom ?
– Je m’appelle…
– Mon nom est…
– Mon prénom est …

2 Take part in an exchange language speaking event

If possible, when you prepare your trip to France, locate a language exchange that will take place in a French city that you will visit during your holiday in France. Choose a French-English conversation : you are sure to meet native French speakers and you will listen to the best French accent.

3- Use any opportunity to speak French during your holidays

Use any opportunity  offered to you to speak French during your holidays in France: instead of buying your bread at the supermarket, you would rather buy an authentic baguette from the baker and do not miss the opportunity to ask for it in French.

4 Do not be shy

Being shy can hold you back, preventing you from reaching your potential and learning new skills while in holidays in France.
Don’t blame the French who think they are helping you by starting to speak to you in English.
Just tell them that you want to improve your French and ask them to speak to you in French.

5- Show your determination to speak French

Never give up if it seems hard to communicate in French. If you are concerned by point 4, use the following sentence :”Je voudrais communiquer en français s’il vous plait pour m’améliorer. Je vous remercie de me parler en français mais lentement.”( I would like to communicate in French please to improve myself. Thank you for speaking to me in French but slowly).

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