5 reasons to learn French with a coach


If traditional learning methods in a classroom or with a teacher are practical for learning the basics, they have their limits. It’s hard to be comfortable when in real situation. That’s why calling on a French coach can be a great way to build confidence. Here are 5 good reasons to learn with a language coach rather than in a traditional way.

1. Active learning

Through its ability to motivate you, your coach allows you to be involved and actor of your learning. You learn by doing, not just memorizing rules or words. In addition, the coach raises questions to stimulate your thinking and teach you to build correct sentences and with the right pronunciation.

2. Tailor-made courses

Your coach adapts to your needs and comes to answer your desire to improve yourself. You are the client and his mission is to help you progress. It is you who participate in the development of your program according to your desires. You can direct your learning towards your personal goals. If you are interested in a particular activity, you can develop an additional specific vocabulary.

3. There is an equal status coach and learner

Unlike a teacher where expert status can denote a superior position, you are on an equal footing with your coach. You feel blooming in your learning thanks to the empathy of your coach.

4. Continuous feedback and acknowledgement

You feel always supported and do not lose your motivation. The coach is here to maximize your potential. He takes into account your personality and your cultural context to optimize your learning. He can accompany you in the field for a cultural immersion.
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5. Focus on cost effectiveness

Your coach is concerned about profitability towards you, his client. A coach is involved for a limited period of time. He is concerned about the effectiveness of his method, which is a guarantee of his competence. By benefiting from tailor-made learning, you escape a group program that the teacher must apply. You never feel like you’re wasting your time.

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