5 intangible benefits of participating in a French immersion homestay

So you have been toying with the idea of participating in a French immersion homestay? You have been learning French for a while now and you are looking for ways to improve your fluency and master the language. Then think no more. Look no further. Just sign-up and participate in a French immersion homestay. You won’t regret it and it will skyrocket your level of mastery in French.

Here are 5 intangible benefits of participating in a French immersion homestay :

1-Fluency and functional bilingualism in a short period of time

You might have already learnt some basic rules of grammar and some level of vocabulary at school or at the Alliance Française. But during your French immersion homestay you can practice your French in the context of your daily activities and situations in a relaxed and natural way. You will develop meaningful communication skills by placing yourself in authentic learning situations approximating real life. By forcing yourself to verbalize your thought in French in real life situations you will not only be fluent in French but also be functionally bilingual.

2- Expand your horizons and develop sound cultural awareness

During your French immersion stay, you will not only meet and understand the local French culture but also meet people from other parts of the world. This will not only expand your horizons but you will develop a sound cultural awareness.  You will be learning French communication skills according to social and cultural context. You will be adapting your communication strategies to get the message across by taking into account the social norms of the other person. You will try cracking the right joke without making a cultural or linguistic faux pas. Hence, the French immersion homestay will help you develop a positive attitude and understanding towards other cultures

3- Productive and rewarding vacation

What do you often do on a vacation? Go to a new place, stay at a hotel owned by some corporation, visit tourist traps, and lie down on a crowded beach…. How about doing a French immersion homestay with a real French family? Staying with a French family is more rewarding and fulfilling in comparison to staying in a hotel where you are one of the many guests coming and going every day. By participating in the daily activities of a French family you will get an authentic local and cultural experience. Your host family will give you some great recommendations for restaurants and other place to visit. While at the same time you will learn French which will stimulate your mind. Thus, making your vacation not only rewarding but productive as well.

4- Good cognitive skills

Just as physical exercise has a positive impact on your muscles and overall health, learning a new language has a positive impact on the brain. It allows the brain to function better by creating new neurons and improving connections between the various parts of the brain. Therefore, honing your decision making and problem solving skills. It also makes you more creative, thus boosting your ability to learn any other skill or subject. Most importantly, it makes you a better listener as learning a new language requires your brain to pay attention to various distinct sounds. In other words, it helps to shape your personality for the better.

5- confidence in other areas of lilfe

Learning the French language or any other language is not about learning the language only. Learning and mastering any language after a period of time, despite the obstacles, acts as a metaphor for encouraging learning any other life skill and be successful in it. If a person develops excellent communication skills in French, thanks to a French immersion homestay, it contributes immensely to develop his or her confidence levels. With your new found confidence you will never blush, get nervous or think twice to express your thoughts in French.

Imagine if you can learn and master the French language despite the difficulties in grasping the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciations, what else can you learn, master and achieve in life! The sky is the limit.

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