5 excursions around Montpellier during your summer French immersion program

So you are in Montpellier for a French immersion program and you are an outdoor person? And you have already visited the beautiful city center many times? Then maybe it is time to do some excursions around Montpellier. You don’t want to just stay in Montpellier during your French immersion program. It is normal that you want to see and discover more.

So here are 5 excursions around Montpellier that you can do in just one day during your French immersion program.

1- Go to nearby historical cities

Montpellier is great for a French immersion program as it is not too big and expensive nor too small and boring. But you shouldn’t miss the other small cities not far from Montpellier such as Narbonne, Arles, Nimes, and Carcassonne…. These are very beautiful cities.

Narbonne, Nimes and Arles are ancient roman cities where you will find roman aqueducts, amphitheaters and colosseums. If you are a fan of roman history you should visit these cities!

But if you are interested in medieval European history then you should visit Carcassonne. The medieval Citadel of Carcassonne is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

These are just a few cities. There are many more. If you have the time and energy you can research more on the internet, enquire at the Tourist office or just ask you French immersion host, who will be glad to help you.

2- Dive into the Etang de Thau

The Etang de Thau or the bassin de Thau is one of the largest lagoons in the south of France. The lagoon is open to the sea and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Its depth is around 5 meters and in some areas it is 10 meters, making it the ideal place for diving. There are many diving clubs in the area which can organize diving sessions.

If you are not into diving you can rent a private boat or jump on the tourist ferries for some sight-seeing. There are also many beautiful small cities and villages on the coast.

3- Visit enchanting villages

Montpellier is surrounded by enchanting and adorable small villages surrounded by vineyards, lavender fields or the sea. If you like the countryside or rural areas with an idyllic setting then you have to visit one of these villages. You will be mesmerized.

As a French immersion host, I would recommend you to visit St Guilhem le Désert as a beautiful village and a UNESCO World Heritage and  Bouzigues, which is a beautiful scenic fishing village. You cannot just participate in a French immersion program and not visit the French country side.

4 -Visit the Camargue region

The Camargue region is Europe’s Major wetland. It consists of either lakes or marshlands. It is also home to many flora and fauna, especially birds. Camargue’s more emblematic bird is the flamingo. Camargue’s horses are famous the world over because they are not only of a special breed but also one of the oldest breeds of horses.

Camargue is a delight for wildlife lovers, especially bird lovers. Here you can do bird-watching, horse riding, pony-trekking, hiking, cycling, riverboat trips, attend equestrian events, and participate in the  world-famous gypsy pilgrimage each year in May. Also, in autumn the Camargue attracts bird-watchers form all over the world.

5-Navigate on the Canal du Midi

The Canal de Midi is a canal that connects the river Garonne in Toulouse to the Etang de Thau, a large lagoon in the Mediterranean Sea. It was built in the 17th century and was a great construction work at its time. Sailing on the Canal de Midi offers a whole different experience – a slow easy pace of sailing with a tranquil atmosphere.

If you are not into sailing you can walk on the banks of the Canal de Midi or cycle on the entire canal.  The lush green trees on the bank will offer you shade and protection from the sun.

So make the most of your French immersion program. Don’t just stay in the city all the time. Take the initiative to go a bit far away and you will discover beautiful geographical features of France.

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