Why you should attend French immersion summer programs?

Are you enrolled in a French language program?


Are you enrolled in a French language program at the Alliance Française in your city ? Or are you taking private French lessons with a Tutor in the comforts of your home! Taking regular French lessons at a language school or at the Alliance Française is a good initiative. But once the class is over you tend to speak in English or in your local language. So have you considered doing a French immersion program? Whether for a few weeks or months, you are totally immersed in the French language.

practicing mode.  The corner cafe, the clubs, the restaurants, the museums and the very streets you walk on become your classroom for learning French. 

Living or staying with a French family and learning French in the comforts of their house is a whole different language learning experience. Taking French courses at the French teacher’s home in France can significantly improve your French language skills in a very short time! That is because you will not only be taking intensive French classes but you will also be forced to speak French. You will automatically be in


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But when is the right time to do a French immersion program? The short answer is summer! French immersion summer programs are just right for everyone, whether you are an adult, or an adolescent. If you are a beginner you can considerably improve your French language skills and be fluent in no time. If you are an advanced level student and already fluent, you can learn more about the French culture and literature. So whatever your level of French you gain a lot by attending a French language immersion program in the summer. You are anyway going to take a vacation! So why not participate in a French language immersion program during the summer? This way you make your summer vacation productive.

The other advantage of attending a French language summer program is that the locals will have more free time for you. This will allow you to make French friends easily. Because if you participate in a French language program at any other time of the year, the locals will tend to be more busy and will have less time for you! Mind you there is nothing wrong to attend a French language immersion program during another time of the year. It is just that the locals won’t have much time for you!

The only issue of participating in a French language immersion program during the summer is that it can be quite expensive due to the summer rush. Many people want to do a French language immersion program during the summer. But if you choose the option of living at your French tutor’s home during the immersion program rather that at a language school, it can be cheaper for you!

Once the summer is over and you return back home to your country, your teachers and friends are going to be impressed by you!

So, register quickly for a summer program in French immersion before it is too late.

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