Do you have your travel guide ?

The Michelin Guide is a reference in France. To visit each region of France or important city, you can buy, among other guides, the famous green book.

Each site is rated with a number of stars of 1, 2 or 3. If there is a star, the site is “interesting”, two stars ,it “deserves a detour” and three stars, then the site is “worth the trip” !

In the Languedoc region, there are many “3 stars” like Montpellier, the Nîmes arenas, the Pont du Gard or other sites rich for their heritage like Uzès and many others.

For the beauties of the natural landscapes, you will not miss the mount Aigoual which is the culminating point of Gard, the gorges of Tarn or the circus of Navacelles.

I have these guides from several regions of France, two from the region. To know all the existing guides on France, Hérault or even Montpellier.

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“cirque de Navacelles”  near Montpellier.







All responses to the following questions or other comments are welcome .

Which sites did you visit? What did you prefer? Or if you have not yet  come to the region, what places would you like to discover during a trip?



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