5 leisure activities around Montpellier during your summer French immersion program

1- The lively festivals

Montpellier is a beautiful and dynamic city in the south of France. It is full of activities and festivals of all kinds.

If you are doing a French immersion program in June, you will have the chance to attend the Spring Festival of Comedians. It is an excellent theater festival bringing together about thirty national and international troops in the open air, in a large park. This is a great opportunity to work on your oral communication skills during your French immersion program in Montpellier.

There is also an architecture festival, in Montpellier around mid-June. During this festival you can discover the amazing mansions of Montpellier as well as the temporary and impressive installations by young architects.

If you like to move it and shake it, then you will definitely like the Montpellier Danse Festival 2019 which also takes place in June. You will have the chance to discover many international artists in Montpellier. Click here to learn more about the festivals in Montpellier.

2- Beautiful sandy beaches


But when is the right time to do a French immersion program? The short answer is summer! French immersion summer programs are just right for everyone, whether you are an adult, or an adolescent. If you are a beginner you can considerably improve your French language skills and be fluent in no time. If you are an advanced level student and already fluent, you can learn more about the French culture and literature. So whatever your level of French you gain a lot by attending a French language immersion program in the summer. You are anyway going to take a vacation! So why not participate in a French language immersion program during the summer? This way you make your summer vacation productive.

3- Sports activities

Montpellier is a very sporty city. There are many high level professional clubs. And after Paris, Montpellier has some of the best state of the art sporting facilities as well as high level professional clubs. It is also home to an Olympic size swimming pool.  You are definitely not going to get bored during your French immersion program.

If you want some adventure, excitement and extreme emotions then Montpellier has something for you. In May, there is the festival of extreme sports. It is the largest freestyle sport in Europe. If you are into BMX, skateboarding, roller blading, wakeboarding and Slopestyle Mountain biking then you should attend this sports event. But if you are more into water sports then you may want to go kayaking and canyoning on the Mediterranean Sea or on the river Herault.

4 -Art, culture and museums

Are you an Art and culture buff ? Do you like to spend the whole day in a museum? Then you will definitely enjoy doing your French immersion program in Montpellier. It is home to many historical gems such as the Chateau de Flaugergues, faculty of medicine (it is one of the oldest in France), triumphal arch, museum and conservatory of anatomy, art workshops, Fabre museum… Check out this link to discover all the museums and art galleries

5-Parks and gardens

If you are an outdoor person then Montpellier offers a plethora of parks, gardens and green spaces to enjoy the Mediterranean sun shine. The leafy green public gardens allow you to relay, lie down, read a book or have a nice conversation with a local. Montpellier has one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe. It served as a model for designing the other botanical gardens in France. By the way Montpellier has a zoo which is free of cost and is also the largest park in Montpellier today. You should definitely go to the zoo during your French immersion program to take a stroll. Here is the entire list of all the parks and gardens in Montpellier.

I hope you are convinced that Montpellier is an ideal city for your French immersion program. Hoping to see you soon in Montpellier.

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